How to choose your Bridal Bouquet?

The wedding bouquet may seem like a small detail when it comes to planning the entire  wedding, but the flowers are an important component  of the bride's ensemble. Picking the right bouquet can help make the dress even more beautiful and romantic.

Choose the Dress First

The gown and flowers should match one another. Picking the dress first makes it possible for you to bring a picture of it with you to the florist when choosing the bouquet. For best results, bring a picture of yourself in the dress, so your florist can consider things like its shape and size, and the shape of your body as well. This makes it easier to pick the right size and type of bouquet.

Consider Color

Not all wedding dresses are plain and simple white. Taking into account the various colors of your dress, including those shades of ivory and cream, can help ensure that your flowers will look right. You should, of course, consider the color of the other flowers and the wedding colors in general. Coordinating colors can help ensure that your wedding flowers won't clash with the other colors in the background.

Research Flowers Ahead of Time

You may consider whether having your wedding bouquet arranged with preserved flowers or fresh flowers. Preserved flowers are real flowers that have been through preservation process to last for years and you may wish to have it for your memorable event, but preserved flowers have limited choice of flower types, ranging from roses, hydrangea, British roses, sunflowers are example of easily sourced preserved flowers.

Size and Shape

Wedding bouquets come in various sizes and shapes. Some bouquets are short and sweet, others are trailing and large. Coordinating the size and shape of your bouquet with the size and shape of your dress is important. For example, picking a large bouquet against a tiny dress can make your dress seem disproportionate and strange. This is another good reason to pick the dress before selecting the bouquet.

Get Some Photos

Unless have your wedding bouquet arranged with preserved flowers, your wedding bouquet with fresh flowers will only last for a few days, so getting photos of the bouquet on the morning of your wedding can help you remember it forever. Talk to your photographer in advance about getting pictures. This way your photographer will be sure to get several good shots before the ceremony.

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